Intelligent Approach – Optimising Airport Capacity

Intelligent Approach is a suite of adaptive controller tools that safely optimise arrival spacing for all conditions in order to maximise runway capacity and maintain operational resilience and provide a better overall on time performance.

NATS, the UK’s leading air navigation services provider and Leidos, a leading technology provider, have developed a ground breaking airport solution called Intelligent Approach. With Intelligent Approach, air traffic controllers around the world now have the tools to safely optimise arrival spacing in all conditions and for all runway configurations, delivering capacity, safety and resilience benefits without the need for expensive changes to ground infrastructure.

As demand for air travel grows it becomes essential for airports to leverage proven innovations to drive improved capacity and safely maintain optimal operations during disruptive conditions

Intelligent Approach is operational at Heathrow Airport and designed to meet the needs of large and complex airport operations, or airports that simply need to increase the productivity of their runways.

Intelligent Approach has been designed in a modular way so that it can be easily integrated with existing ATM systems allowing for an efficient deployment to quickly realise operational and financial benefits.


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