The Product

Intelligent Approach is an arrivals spacing tool that safely optimises runway capacity in order to increase revenue, improve operational resilience, deliver better on-time performance and reduce CO2 emissions.

Intelligent Approach icons

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The Benefits

By optimising the safe separation of aircraft, Intelligent Approach can help to decrease delays and cancellations caused by poor weather conditions.

Intelligent Approach also reduces the need for stack holding, saving fuel and decreasing detrimental environmental impacts.

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The Partnership

NATS, the UK’s leading air navigation services provider and Leidos, a leading technology provider, have worked together for over 30 years and we have co-developed a ground breaking airport solution.

Using combined expertise, both companies are proud to present Intelligent Approach – the world’s first implementation of time based separation.

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Proven Solution

Adopting Intelligent Approach requires little or no change to flight deck procedures. Aircraft continue to be radar-vectored onto final approach in the same way and at the same speeds as under the previous procedures.

It integrates easily with existing systems with little training required for the Controller as proven with the successful implementation at Heathrow.

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