Optimising arrival spacing

Intelligent Approach is an arrival spacing tool that safely optimises runway capacity to, improve operational resilience, deliver better on-time performance, reduce CO2 emissions and increase revenue

The family of functional modules caters to each airport’s unique needs. IA fully integrates into existing ATC systems and can be used in different environments to deliver benefits in all types of operational scenarios.

Intelligent Approach Modules

  • Distance Based Separation
  • Time Based Separation
  • Pairwise Separation
  • Mixed Mode Operation

Intelligent Approach has a standard module for segregated runway operation with Distance Based Separation and wake vortex scheme to which can be added further modules to:

  • Improve separation
  • Increase modes of operation
  • Improve resilience

Any of the following wake turbulence separation criteria can be applied:

  • ICAO: The standard wake turbulence model
  • RECAT (EU or US): Enables increased capacity by optimising wake separations
  • Pairwise: Enables significant capacity gain by taking account of individual aircraft wake
  • Custom: Any custom wake separation system approved for your airport


Find out more about Intelligent Approach in our video below.


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