The Benefits

The far reaching benefits of Intelligent Approach

By optimising the safe separation of aircraft, Intelligent Approach can help to reduce delays and cancellations caused by poor weather conditions and reduce the need for stack holding, saving fuel and reducing environmental impacts.

The use of Intelligent Approach positively impacts the entire airport operation and has been proven to enable more flights with fewer delays and cancellations. This results in benefits for all involved including:

  • Improved on time performance and lower fuel costs for airlines
  • Operational efficiencies for the airport to control costs by improved resilience and generate revenue through increased movements
  • The effective management of controller workload for ANSPs
  • The positive environmental impacts of lower fuel burn as a result of reduced airborne holding times
  • Consistent delivery of increased capacity

All of which help to achieve the best customer experience possible.

Investors will benefit from return on investment.

Technical teams can easily integrate the solution into existing systems and hardware.

Users find an intuitive suite of tools to use and minimal training is required.

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Capability Benefit Resilience Capacity
Distance Based Separation with Tools & RECAT Improved consistency of approach spacing + simplified RECAT YES YES (going from current 4 ICAO WV Categories RECAT 6 category)
= +2-3 landings/hour
Time Based Separation
(With Optimised Runway Delivery)
Resilience to Headwinds & operational & safety improvements YES
Average recovery +3.6/hour in strong winds (max c.+6)
YES Heathrow is already 6 Cat but will see +1.8/hour average in all wind conditions (airports at ICAO 4 WV Cat may see + c.3-4/hour)
Time Based Separation with Pairwise Significant capacity gain in all wind conditions YES YES  Heathrow would see extra
+2-3 landings/hr
Optimised Runway Utilisation for Mixed Mode Capacity & resilience gains for mixed mode runways YES YES +2-3 landings/hr based on
SESAR simulation

Video – Intelligent Approach

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