The Benefits

The benefits of Intelligent Approach

Intelligent Approach  positively impacts  a range of stakeholders and the  airport operation as a whole. Its unique capability means that airports can tailor the tool to suit their unique challenges and provide a more efficient operation.

IA can enable increases in runway capacity. Realised benefits can be focused to suit customer need in the following areas:

  • Increased resilience: And on-time performance meaning reduced delays, reduced costs and happier passengers [and airlines]
  • Environmental benefits: Reduced fuel burn and emissions through improved predictability and reduced airborne holding
  • Increased revenue: Increased revenue by enabling additional capacity. Supports airport growth plans at a fraction of the cost of major capital investment

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Capability Benefit Resilience Capacity
Distance Based Separation with Tools & RECAT Improved consistency of approach spacing + simplified RECAT YES YES (going from current 4 ICAO WV Categories RECAT 6 category)
= +2-3 landings/hour
Time Based Separation
(With Optimised Runway Delivery)
Resilience to Headwinds & operational & safety improvements YES
Average recovery +3.6/hour in strong winds (max c.+6)
YES Heathrow is already 6 Cat but will see +1.8/hour average in all wind conditions (airports at ICAO 4 WV Cat may see + c.3-4/hour)
Time Based Separation with Pairwise Significant capacity gain in all wind conditions YES YES  Heathrow would see extra
+2-3 landings/hr
Optimised Runway Utilisation for Mixed Mode Capacity & resilience gains for mixed mode runways YES YES +2-3 landings/hr based on
SESAR simulation

Video – Intelligent Approach

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